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психотерапевт Стокгольм


Александр Лебедев психиатр

психоделическая терапия

психоделический терапевт


I specialize in integration of altered states of consciousness, harm reduction, psychological trauma, sport and fitness psychology, provide counseling on addictions and risks associated with use of psychoactive substances.

I also work in the context of longer-term therapy with a primary focus on depth psychology, combining it with knowledge from modern neuroscience. I prefer analytical framework to symptom-oriented approaches and consider psychotherapy, first and foremost, as a fascinating expedition with the primary aim of gaining contact with the self.

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Psychotherapy/counseling rules, agreements and setting:

At the moment, I also work via Skype, Zoom and VIPole.

One session lasts 50 minutes and costs:

For those with income of >2000 USD / month : 700 SEK (73 USD)

For those with income 1000-2000 USD / month : 600 SEK (62 USD)

For those with income <1000 USD / month : 500 SEK (52 USD)

(Accepting Swish, PayPal and Bitcoin/Ethereum transfers)


I am not supporting recreational use of psychoactive substances outside medical context and do not provide referrals to psychedelic therapy centers


See rules for more details.

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At our events, you will see medical practitioners and traditional healers working shoulder-to-shoulder.

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