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Alexander Lebedev psychiatrist

Alexander Lebedev, MD PhD


Entrepreneur | Full-Stack Data Scientist

At the intersection of technology and human resilience, I envision a future where tech is a powerful ally in enhancing our well-being. With an MD/PhD and over 15 years of experience in psychiatry and applied data science, I bridge the gap between the human mind and technological innovation.

My life's mission? Crafting sustainable mental health frameworks that seamlessly integrate with the digital age. While I'm deeply committed to leading my own projects and academic research, I also find balance and discipline as a lifelong martial artist – sometimes even skipping lunches for jiu-jitsu rolls.

For those looking to harness the power of technology, I offer tailored tech consulting services. Whether you're a budding startup or running an established organisation, with my proven expertise in machine learning and NLP, I'm here to elevate your business in today's digital era. Ready to explore the transformative impact of your projects? Let's talk.

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Jonathan Dekle
Operations Consultant

Alexander has been one of the more inspirational connections I have made in my professional and personal life. I have been very fortunate along the way to work with some exceptional people and view Alexander as one of the most brilliant minds I have met. A compassionate thinker who looks to improve the lives of many through innovative approaches.


Tatiana Santini

Alexander is a brilliant, highly skilled psychiatrist, scientist, and a compassionate clinician. Alexander is also a great team leader, good listener, curious, observant, diligent, as well as a methodical scientist. He is easy to talk to, reliable, wise beyond his age, and always available for support, with an "open door policy". Having Alexander on a team is a true gift and honour.


Luigi Espasiano, MD
Physician, Entrepreneur

Alexander is versatile, professional and highly driven scientist and entrepreneur. Alexander brings insights from neuroscience and computer science as well as finance, psychology and behavioural economics, making the work environment intellectually stimulating, fun and creative. Despite his many abilities,

Alexander remains humble, loyal and an incredible team player, able to face challenging and complex human situations in an almost effortless way.


Christoph Abé, PhD
Project Leader, Researcher

I have worked with Alexander at Karolinska Institute for many years. We have successfully worked together on several large-scale scientific projects. He has a very professional approach to science and research. His expertise in big data handling and advanced statistical methods is impressive and has been crucial in many projects. Given his friendly attitude and team spirit, it was always a pleasure working with him.

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Know thyself through dreams and other non-ordinary states of consciousness with the help of machine learning and natural language processing.

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