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Alexander Lebedev psychiatrist

Alexander Lebedev MD PhD


Researcher, Data Scientist, CEO at Katharsis Journeys


Trained psychiatrist with PhD from University of Bergen (Norway), I am currently working as a neuroscientist studying complex relationships between global societal dynamics and people's health, wellbeing, beliefs and decision-making. As a data scientist, I also do market research (technical, fundamental, alternative data) leveraging methods of applied statistics and machine learning to identify seasonal trends and fair valuation of a wide variety of assets (incl. stocks, futures and bonds).

Besides my research in academia, I am committed to building new models of wellbeing that foster resilience at individual and societal levels. To pursue this goal, together with my colleagues, I co-founded Katharsis Journeys offering transformational retreats in the Netherlands run by a team of doctors with expertise in psychedelic science.

In my private counseling practice, I specialise in crisis management, psychology of trading and risk-taking, integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In my free time, I enjoy hosting discussions on hot topics in psychiatry and neuroscience, practicing guitar and martial arts.

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Premium psilocybin retreats in Holland run by doctors with expertise in psychedelic science alongside traditional healers and professional musicians.

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