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I specialise in occupational burnout, life crises, decision-making under uncertainty, migration, sports psychology, integration of psychedelic experiences, and offer consultations on issues of addiction and risks associated with the use of psychoactive substances.

In my holistic approach, I place particular emphasis on the evidence-based understanding of biological processes in the body and their importance for psychological wellbeing. However, at the core of my work is the exploration of meaning and understanding one's role in the context of the historical situation of our society.

Instead of symptom-oriented approaches, I favour analytical ones and consider therapy primarily as a fascinating expedition with the goal of reconnecting with oneself.

At the moment, I work only online (Zoom).

One session lasts 50 minutes and costs 60 Eur.


I do not endorse uncontrolled recreational use of psychedelics, especially at places where it is illegal.


See rules for more details.

Стокгольм, онлайн, юнгианский , психотерапевт, Александр Лебедев, психоделическая интеграция

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